Organization in your home is extremely important, but a lot of homeowners struggle with how to do it, how to keep up with it, what to buy, etc. There is an overwhelming amount of options due to the power of social media and consumers being able to post their favorite items to use in their homes.  

We are back with a few simple tips from The Sally Awad Group to help with organizing your BATHROOM: 

  1. DECLUTTER, it’s time. The first step in organizing the bathroom should definitely be to get rid of your expired and ancient products. Think about what you use on a daily basis, if you would buy it today, how many extra(s) do you really need, are we really keeping that bottle of lotion with less than an inch of product left, etc. Maybe there are even items that don’t belong in the bathroom or you could find a new home for. This will help you to free up so much more storage space even in the smallest of bathrooms. 


  1. Utilize unused space. Just like in your kitchen, there are plenty of areas for you to implement simple organizational items to clear up space.

  • These over-the-door-hangers can be used for your cabinets under the sink. Store toilet paper, extra beauty products, etc. out of the way. 
  • Drawer Dividers allow for products to remain in ‘their’ spot and by category. It helps you keep track of what you have, what you need, and it keeps the mess out. (Another tip: clear containers for under the sink allow you to SEE exactly what you have!) 
  • Store your bath/shower products out of the way. If you don’t have a great space for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and every other product that’s always sliding around the tub…grab one of these shelving units that hangs over the spicket or suctions right to the bathroom wall!  
  • Get an over the toilet shelf rack. Especially if you have a smaller space, this will open up so much space in your bathroom. You can add cute decorations, but also put things on there that are practical to having out in the open.  
  • Anywhere that you can add some functional wall décor (cute shelves, etc.) can open up some more space but also store your favorite products!  


  1. Towels. First, add a laundry basket or hamper. For those that are organizing bathrooms connected to your bedroom, you may have the perfect spot for a full laundry hamper for clothes, towels, etc. Otherwise, it’s the perfect area for guests to discard of dirty towels or items. This just makes doing laundry that much simpler! Next, use hooks instead of a towel bar to hang towels. It allows for multiple towels to be hung and they still get dry evenly. This specific organizer allows you to store clean towels up top and hang the wet ones below for reuse!  


  1. 3-stack drawers could be your new best friend. They make so many different variations that they can almost fit anywhere! Find one that fits in your space and use each drawer for a different storage item. Maybe for you it’s toilet paper, hair tools, and cleaning products. Any way you choose to organize it, you can have these items readily available and easy to find. They even make small counter-top versions you can use for make-up, etc. No more messing with tangled cords or ruined/lost product!  


  1. A Lazy-Susan under the sink can help you reach your products easier. Instead of piling the products in bins or just on top of each other under the sink/in cabinets, a Lazy-Susan lets you store multiple products and be able to rotate them to the front when you need them. This could even be used on the counter if you have the space!  


  1. If you’ve got kids or multiple people in the bathroom, we know that there is even more product, toys, tools, etc.  

  • mesh bag that attaches to the shower is a great way to keep toys out of the way when it is not bath/playtime. You can even store kid product in them. 
  • Invest in a nice toothbrush organizer. That way no one’s toothbrush heads are touching or getting dropped on the floor. Everyone will have their own spot and will be able to put their own toothbrush in. Some even come with extra space for hand soap or razors!   
  • Establish a system with everyone that uses the bathroom. This will keep everyone on the same page and ensure that things are kept in their place!  

These tips should help you keep a clean and safe bathroom, free of clutter, with all your products readily available! Many of these products can be found on Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. Find what works for you and your family! The Sally Awad Group cares about its homeowners and wants you to have the best organization to keep a clean and healthy home. Stay tuned for more from The Sally Awad Group, as we explore other rooms of the house, for some great Home Organization tips! Your Family is Our Top Priority!  

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